Style Before Competition – Redaelli on the tennis court

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Even though all sports can be played by everyone these days, there are still some that have retained a certain touch of elitism – such as polo, sailing and tennis, for example. As the epitome of grace, and style, tennis has always stood out with its rich heritage and traditions. Significantly, there is no contact among the players, which might explain why the sport has always been favoured by the upper classes.
From players wearing clean, crisp tennis whites to ball girls and ball boys in preppy polo shirts or dresses and umpires and line judges in blazers and smart slacks, to well-dressed spectators indulging in champagne and strawberries on endless summer days: tournaments like Wimbledon are a barometer of summer style and there’s no denying that tennis is a sport that exudes class. Redaelli Velutti and Lillus are drawing on these parallels to show off the beauty and luxury of velvet courtside.

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Redaelli Velluti


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