Lounge Chair BC3

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The BC3 series resulted from a commission from the Bisch-Chandaroff Werkstätten to furnish a selection of rooms at the Hotel Villa Sorgenfrei. We accompanied the development with design concepts for the interiors and an exclusive furnishing development referencing the unique style and authenticity of the property – an architectural gem built in the 18th century in the late-baroque style (the so-called “Dresdner Zopfstil”), which marks the transition from rococo to classicism. The design is a nod to the lightness and playfulness of the hotel, while also following a contemporary style.
The textile backs of the chairs were developed using state-of-the-art knitting technology and are pulled onto the frames ready-knit. The procedure is extremely effective, can be scaled up to series production and offers a new method of upholstering.

What we did

Product design and technical development
Project management


Bisch-Chandaroff Werkstätten


Kobleder (knitted parts)


Andrea Cantova