BC2 Lounge Chair Family

product, branding, art direction


BC2 is a family of handcrafted modern lounge seating for home and commercial use. With its minimalistic design, it offers a combination of seat and backrest modules that can be assembled using the plug-in principle. Three seat widths and three backrest heights result in a series of versatile armchairs and sofas that can be individualised even further with variable back cushions. As all backrest covers are sewn by hand, the “Savile Row” selection of upholstery materials is a tribute to tailoring skills both past and present.
After we came up with various concepts and evaluated them, Bisch-Chandaroff decided to produce the namesake Series 2. Alongside contemporary design, the focus is also on local production, exclusive handcraftsmanship and sustainability with regard to sourcing, manufacturing and handling.

What we did

Design and product development through to series production
Branding and product marketing


Bisch-Chandaroff Werkstätten


Stefan Heinz Möbelbau