ISPO Textrends Awards




Several of Redaelli’s innovative developments were chosen and honoured as top innovations of ISPO TEXTRENDS. Stephanpartner got the process underway and accompanied the strategic and design aspects. With support from partners Primaloft and Vagotex, it was possible to show a classic technology in a new light:

2020: Redaelli’s Sports Fur - Making the most of all the benefits of a fur, without jeopardising animals’ lives: this has become a reality thanks to Redaelli’s woven hair, which fully demonstrates all the merits of a long pile velvet as an insulating layer. Velvet Fur has great warming properties and keeps the skin dry and at an optimum temperature. In combination with wind and water-repellent coatings, Redaelli’s developments even surpass those of real fur. Whether as a third layer for outdoor jackets or a warming vest, the textile performance can be varied to suit different scenarios and designed to look the part.

2019: Combining the glamor and style of velvet with the performance of traditional outdoor products, the new Redaelli velvet series adds a whole new dimension to functional clothing. The supposedly sensitive textile convinces with a surprising resistance and the ability to form a natural patina. Different bondings to 2L or 3L compositions make it possible to work with waterproof seams, processing with or without lining and the possibility of additional filling with down or synthetic fibers.

What we did

concept and strategy
product design
monitoring and coordination of product development


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