Redaelli Virtual Showroom

art direction, branding


With tradeshows and expos being cancelled left, right and centre amid the ongoing pandemic situation, Redaelli’s main sales have taken a significant hit. We were asked to come up with a solution to stay in touch with the company’s B2B customers in an easy and efficient way.

Our response was a “Virtual Showroom”, which gives customers the opportunity to browse the velvet collections online. Along with the client’s main priorities – expressive product images, easy navigation and a high usability factor – we developed a systematic procedure to easily produce high-quality product photos in a short time, enabling the customer to view every detail of the fabrics. Well-thought-out filter functions make it easy to search and browse for specific features. In the Redaelli virtual showroom, samples of each article can be collected in a shopping cart and ordered at the end – like a consumer-focused online shop. To support the online communication and increase the reach of this new online showroom, we are designing and developing regular e-mail campaigns.

What we did

Art direction
Graphic design
Project management
Product photography

Redaelli Velluti

Mike Franke